Oil Painting by Jean Calogero (1922 – 2001)

Oil Painting: Marine with still life.

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Oil Painting by Jean Calogero (Italy 1922 – 2001), self-taught painter because his parents could not afford to send him to fine arts schools, he did follow the artistic baccalaureate course in his hometown. The first exhibitions in 1945 in Sicily and Rome were very successful. He arrived in Paris in 1947 and studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. He is best known for his surreal and genre works. His paintings are dreamlike and visionary.
The oil represents a seascape with a still life, where you can see a colored fish and a shell in the foreground and the sea with an abstract figure in the background.
Signed: Jean Calogero.
35 X 28 cm.

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